Do Men Find Women Over The Age Of 40 Attractive?

Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, and Jennifer Aniston, are all very beautiful women who regularly grace the covers of magazines and have paparazzi chasing them about. What else do they have in common? They are all in their 40s.


These women are certainly very attractive to gentlemen of all ages. However, do they find women over the age of 40, who are not celebrities, attractive? This is a question I posed to myself and to the universe and what I found may surprise you. Or not.

The Fountain Of Youth

There is no shortage of blogs by women of “a certain age” that claim dating is difficult when you pass the four decade mark and complain that men in their 40s all want to date a much younger woman.  I found there to be a lot of truth to this, however depressing it may be. I wondered why men (40s and 50s) were so much more interested in dating women ten to fifteen years younger than themselves. Culled from many blogs and social media sites, this is what I found:

  • It makes a man in his 40s and 50s feel young
  • It proves he is still sexy and hip
  • They assume a woman in her 40s has a lot of baggage and emotional hang-ups than a younger woman will not
  • They think they will get to call the shots with a younger woman, whereas a woman his age will most likely call him out on his sh*t

So men in their 40s seem to not think women in their 40s are as attractive but interestingly enough, men in their 20s and 30s are often very attracted to a woman that age. Thanks to celebrities like Madonna and Susan Sarandon, the stigma of an older woman dating (or marrying) a much younger man has largely disappeared. In fact, Time magazine, wrote an entire article about how both sexes are dating down in age now!


Forty Is Fabulous?

So why do men (20 and 30-somethings) want to date much older women in their 40s? The reasons were varied and even a bit unpredictable:

  • They are not necessarily looking for marriage and babies. In fact, they are past all that in their lives, which appeals to young fellas not ready for long-term commitment and the heavy responsibility of children
  • Women are more confident and know what they want. They are usually going after it, not looking for a man to give it to them, so a younger man’s bank account and car are of less importance to them.
  • They are much more sexually experienced and often more willing to experiment in the bedroom
  • Older women are more realistic, less idealistic, and not hung up on romantic fantasies

Forty Is Not Fabulous?

To be fair, is it just men in their 40s who don’t find women their own age as attractive as much younger women in their 20s and 30s, or is it society in general that deems over 40 less attractive? One could argue it’s not true because People Magazine recently named Jennifer Lopez its most beautiful person and she’s 41. They made damn sure to note that she’s 41, too. In fact, whenever photos of very beautiful older women are featured in magazines, the first thing mentioned about them is their age. In People, the gist of the article was, Jennifer Lopez is so beautiful even if she is over 40, because she looks half her age.

Sadly I had to draw the conclusion that women over 40 are attractive to men their own age only if they don’t look 40 and can pass for much younger. What I did find reassuring was several posts from men who wrote about the pitfalls of dating much younger women. They are not necessarily in the upper income bracket (policemen, teachers, construction workers) and are going to find pursuing much younger women a bit more difficult. For example: going bald will get a lot of guys dismissed outright by a younger woman, but a woman in her 40s hardly cares about that, and she has her own successful career, so that’s not much of a concern to her either.

Yeah, Forty Is Fabulous!

Ladies, it’s true, the most attractive age range for women according to most on-line polls of men is: 18-24 first, then 24-35, next. Yes, most men in their 40s are willing to date a woman 20 years younger than themselves, but not more than 3 years older. Despite the fact that woman in her 40s is more interested in dating a man her own age, she will probably be pursued by much younger men instead.  The good news is, in your 40s you are probably financially secure, have a wide circle of friends and a host younger men pursuing you. Enjoy all that you have and give those younger guys a second look.

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