A Review of Derma Rollers & My Personal Experience

I first happened to hear about the derma roller during a black tie charity event three years ago. During one of the interludes in between boring speeches, I happened to join group of women, most of whom were strangers; in animated conversation. One of the new faces was waxing lyrical about this amazing device which had worked magic on her face, eliminating wrinkles and fine lines in a matter of weeks. I had to try it out just to be sure.

What is a Derma Roller?

When I first laid eyes on my first ever dermaroller, I will concede I was not impressed. To be forthright, I was actually repulsed as the device looked somewhat like an instrument of torture straight from the dark ages. The device has a handle supporting a 2 inch wide roller. The roller is covered by ultra-fine spikes called “microneedles” which is why the derma roller is often referred to as a microneedle roller.

The microneedle roller helps improve the appearance of the skin in two ways. To begin with, rolling the spikes across the face gently creates pores which help cosmetic products penetrate into the skin much more easily. Secondly, the slight wounding stimulates the skin to produce collagen and heal the skin faster.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microneedles

  • How does dermarolling help reduce appearance acne scars?

Microneedles are effective in reducing the appearance of acne scars on the skin. Acne scars become noticeable due to the hyper-pigmentation of the affected skin. By regular application of the dermaroller on the scar tissue, the cells beneath are stimulated to produce collagen fibers which help improve the appearance of the scarring gradually. Moreover, the action of the microneedle roller will increase blood circulation in the area around the scar and thus ensure more even coloration.

  • How does dermarolling help reduce appearance of stretch marks?

To reduce the appearance of stretch marks, you need a microneedle with needles about 1.5 millimeters long. As these can be painful, it is advisable to have the procedure carried out at a clinic where local anesthetic cream can be applied before the treatment.

  • What needle length should one choose?

For home microneedle roller therapy, it is advisable not to go for rollers with needles longer than 1 millimeter. In beauty spas and clinics, the range of needles used can be longer as there are adequate precautions to ensure the procedure does not hurt or exacerbate the existing problem.

Review of the Scientia Dermaroller

The Scientia Dermaroller is a product manufactured and marketed by Drug Aware Ltd. The company is a trusted brand in the United Kingdome and for years has provided alcohol and drug test kits as well as laboratory and consultancy services to the National Health Services (NHS).

Customer Reviews on the Scientia Roller

The Good: The Scientia Dermaroller has received positive reviews on the web on the main. Users are especially appreciative that they begin noticing positive changes on the skin after only a couple of weeks of using the microneedle rollers; much faster than the results noticed when other brands are used.

I have personally tried this brand of microneedles and one of the positives I noticed was the range of choice available. Drug Aware offers rollers with different sized microneedles from the basic home DIY roller with 0.5 millimeter needles to the professional range with microneedles measuring up to 2.5 millimeters.

The Bad: Some of the less flattering reviews on the Scientia brand of roller has to do with the lack of comprehensive user guide for the consumer. The instructions on how to use the product are adjudge to be threadbare at best by a good number of users posting reviews online.

My Verdict

Scientia rollers are well designed microneedle rollers for home use as well as for professional beauticians. The fact that the company behind the concept has a long standing pedigree of developing health and safety solution certainly helps with guarantees of credibility. While the company could do a better job in providing detailed instructions for newbie users, the product sells itself by the fact it is effective on scar tissues and stretch marks.

Review of Dr Roller

Dr Roller  is another quality microneedle product  from the United Kingdom. The roller is mainly available at the standard 1.0mm specification for home use though you can also order the 1.5mm microneedle size if you would like to treat deeper scars and stretch marks. The 2.0mm and 2.5mm are reserved for professional clinical beauticians.

Dr Roller Customer Reviews

The Good: Many customers are very appreciative of the microneedle roller’s intuitive design which enables them work it even on hard to reach areas of the body. The device is also said to work noiselessly and without inducing any noticeable pain especially when used on skin which had a layer of oil applied prior to rolling.

The bad: Some online reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction that the Dr Roller  was too painful to use well for DIY home therapy. On closer examination, it is clear that these users ordered the 1.5mm microneedle device which can be painful to use. As a matter of fact, Drug Aware Ltd should consider moving the 1.5mm microneedle roller to their professional range.

My Verdict

Dr Roller Derma Roller is one of the most effectively designed derma rollers I have tried. Even with just medium pressure used, it helps deliver discernible changes on the skin within a time period that is shorter than the average DIY microneedle would deliver. It is also encouraging that if you order a bargain set from the Drug Aware Ltd online store, you may get bonus products such as antibacterial skin wipes and vitamin treatment creams. While it is true the company could offer more information to help users choose the most appropriate device, this should not take anything away from the fact that this is one of the most effective microneedle brands available online today.

Factors to Consider before Ordering Derma Rollers Online

Microneedles have come a long way from fringe anti-aging treatment products at the close of the last decade to where they are now considered mainstream products. Their rapid popularity has also spawned plenty of online retailers, some of whom do not sell quality certified products. To guard against becoming a victim, consider the following precautions before ordering any product on the web:

  1. Needle size

A good DIY roller should have microneedles of between 0.5mm and 1mm. If they are longer than that, they are likely to create more problems for you than they will solve.

  1. The seller

Since there are many people purporting to sell quality microneedle brands but instead shipping substandard or fake products, it makes sense to buy the devices from the actual manufacturers instead of proxies.

  1. Money back guarantee

The most reputable companies offer money back guarantees if the product fails to live up to the promise made. It is an assurance you will do well to have.

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