My 6 Favorite Too Faced Cosmetic Products

The Hassle of Getting Ready

As a woman, I find getting ready in the morning quite a hassle. A combination of hair, clothing, and makeup woes occasionally results in me standing in front of a mirror, pouting, and lamenting my fate. One of my greatest struggles lies in applying makeup; with shaky hands and combination skin, my face presents something of a war zone when it comes to makeup application. Fortunately, I have discovered several tried-and-true brands and products that remove some of the dread I feel about getting ready each morning—particularly when I am going for a more pronounced, dramatic look.

Too Faced Lip Injection

Billboards, magazines, and the general media regularly bombard women with images of how they should look and how they should feel about themselves. Lips are focused on with increasing regularity, identifying women such as Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba as women with the ideal pout. While my lips certainly do not fall into this range, the Too Faced Lip Injection does, happily, lend me a hand. Although all lip plumpers have their methods in common (irritating the lips, resulting in a modest swelling), this product possesses a unique attribute: the lip injection gloss goes on clear, but gradually turns darker, resulting not only in a plumped-up pout, but a pout with a subtle red tint.

Because lips do get noticeably larger and darker, Too Faced Lip Injection is better used as a night look, rather than a daily essential. If thin lips are a serious concern, however, the Lip Injection may be used as an everyday look, but will be best paired with little, or natural makeup everywhere else to avoid clown-like territory. For going out, however, the look may easily (and effectively) be paired with a dark, smoky eye. While dramatic, the look is reminiscent of the glamour attributed to 1950s Hollywood.

lip injection

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is a primer developed specifically for the eye area. As any woman who has applied eye shadow, expecting the look to last all day, can attest, eye shadow can be incredibly tricky. An accidental rub, natural wear and tear, and even a small mist of hard-won sweat and shadow can appear smeared, caked-on, or just generally unpleasant. Fortunately, this primer is not only effective, it is long-lasting. Designed to last for 24 hours, the primer acts as an adhesive for eye shadow powder, preventing creasing and “old” looking shadow.

Shadow Insurance should not be necessary, again, for day-to-day looks; shadow should be used sparingly for everyday application, negating the need for a primer. For those seeking a night look, or a more dramatic eye, however, this primer is an absolute must. Though it does effectively keep eye shadow looking fresh, it also intensifies color, creating model-perfect eye shadow. Be careful not to overuse, however; the primer requires only a thin layer, and should be used in small dollops rather than a pea or dime-sized amount. Pat gently onto eyes, apply shadow, and go about the day, worry-free.

Boudoir Eyes

There are countless eye shadows kits available on the market, each with their own color combinations and lay outs. Too Faced Shadow Insurance, however, is a cut above the rest. While many eye shadow brands devote time and money toward marketing and encouraging women to try their products, few assist customers following a purchase. Too Faced’s Boudoir Eyes kit is not merely another shadow kit, but comes with diagrams and suggestions regarding how to use the kit, offering tips and advice for women who have taken the plunge and purchased a kit. Though it may be a small addition, this addition makes a huge difference in shadow and overall makeup application.

The Boudoir Eyes kit is nicely packaged, well-made, and user friendly. The colors used are versatile, and may be used for natural, everyday looks, as well as darker, more intense shadow applications. Boasting both matte and shimmering colors, Boudoir Eyes possesses dark and light colors, allowing users to experiment and blend to create new looks. Just as Too Faced Shadow Insurance requires only a small amount to be effective, however, users should note that a little goes a long way in the Boudoir Eyes kit, and handle accordingly. Though its name suggests a kit for going out, the kit may be used for all situations, and provides high-quality colors and textures.

Better than False Lashes

Like lips, eyelashes are touted as being worthless unless they are long, dark, and lush. For this reason, many woman run to false lashes to boost existing growth and create the illusion of fullness. Too Faced Better than False Lashes is, as its name suggests, a mascara designed to make false lashes unnecessary. The mascara provides a three-step system, including a base coat, a second coat to provide volume, and a third coat to darken and enhance existing lashes. This system creates longer-lasting, more dramatic results than traditional drugstore mascara brands.

While Too Faced Better than False Lashes is an effective mascara application system, it can present some issues for wearers. Repeated applications may results in a quick run-through of supplies, rendering this mascara a better fit, perhaps, for special occasions or night looks rather than daily use. In addition, the effects, though they are as advertised, are highly resistant to water and makeup removers, again suggesting a better source of occasional or more dramatic makeup application, rather than a part in a consistent morning routine. In summary, the Better than False Lashes is a surefire way to get more voluminous lashes, but does require some upkeep and investment.


Chocolate Bar Palette

As with their Boudoir eye kit, Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Palette certainly brings more to the table than the average eye shadow set. As the title suggests, the palette is chocolate-centered, offering not only a texture similar to rich chocolate, but also a chocolate smell to each color. This, paired with the impeccable quality one expects of Too Faced products, renders this eye palette a must-have for looks of all kinds, ranging from barely-there neutral, to dark and vivid.

As with the Boudoir collection, the chocolate bar palette boasts heavily pigmented colors, allowing the set to go a long way; only a small amount is needed to achieve desired shades. The palette also offers a set of instructions for application and mixing colors, providing more customer service post-purchase than most brands and products. Because the kit offers a wide variety of colors and shades ranging from neutral beige and pink tones to heavier purple and dark brown tones, it may be used for both evening looks and every day wear. With a decadent chocolate smell, buttery texture, and long-lasting colors, this palette, too, is a worthy addition to your makeup bag.

Joy to the Girls

Too Faced Joy to the Girls is a complete shadow kit, providing an array of colors, as well as a single mascara wand. The kit has colors ranging from gentle neutrals to heavy, dark colors, and provides a leaflet detailing which colors are best used to achieve certain looks, including weekday, weekend, and “party time”. Though the shadow is more powdery than creamy, each color provides excellent pigment, all-day wear, and shine.

This palette is perhaps one of the greatest of Too Faced’s shadow lines, as it provides customers with a range of colors and options, in one single, convenient pack. The kit is also extremely versatile, and may be layered or used as sparingly as desired to achieve heavy eye looks, as well as light, airy looks. Perfect for women of all skin tones and consistencies, Joy to the Girls shadows are well-made, well-packaged, and will stand up against daily wear. For anyone looking for an all-in-one eye shadow kit, look no further.

Wrapping It Up

Too Faced is an excellent product line, promising high-quality makeup. Some of the benefits of their products include:

  • Vibrant colors and shades
  • Rich, buttery, and smooth consistency in all shadows
  • High-end makeup used by professionals and novices alike
  • Products designed to work together to achieve a flawless complexion and features

Affordable pricing, durable use, and high-quality ingredients render Too Faced an invaluable company when it comes to stocking your makeup bag, and each of these products will undoubtedly revamp any boredom or dissatisfaction regarding your makeup routine.

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