Effective Laser Hair Removal Systems That Can Be Safely Used At Home

Laser hair removal has long been a service provided by spas and medical offices, and has only somewhat recently become available in at-home kits. Laser hair removal is typically lauded for its long-term removal of unwanted hair, versus traditional epilation and waxing. Despite its convenience, however, laser removal does have some drawbacks and limitations. Only certain hair and skin colors are eligible for laser  removal—failure to comply with the standard rules of color can result in side effects as mild as poor outcome and as severe as skin streaking and burning.

What are these colors? Lasers essentially “see” hair beneath the skin in order to damage the follicle. For this reason, blonde and red hair are not generally viable options when it comes to lasers. Dark pigments are preferable, set against light to medium skin tones. With the right tones, at-home laser removal is a far more budget-friendly option than in-house treatments.

Tria Laser Hair Removal Systems

Tria’s line of laser systems differ from traditional at-home laser hair removal devices, both in the structure of the product, and the laser grade found within the device. While many devices have wide heads, cords, and light cartridges, Tria’s products possess cordless, conical wands and the same high-level laser technology developed for medical offices and spas.

Tria 4X

The Tria 4X is a hair removal device that, while requiring something of an up-front investment, does not require ongoing maintenance or cartridge-replacement. Because of this, the Tria’s seemingly high price is offset—particularly when the need to purchase dozens of razor blades ceases. Tria offers users a high-quality product, with a laser whose power is equal to that of a salon-quality removal machine. As such, users typically find drastically reduced growth patterns after only 2-3 uses.

Because Tria’s laser operates on a higher level, there is typically some pain associated with the process. The pain is most frequently described as being manageable, however, and feeling something like a pinch or like having a rubber band slapped against the skin. The Tria 4x is a larger model and, while it can be used for smaller areas, is most effective for larger areas such as the legs, arms, and underarms. With regular use, customers can expect “permanent” hair loss, pending a once or twice-yearly touchup.

By and large, Tria customers are satisfied customers. Most praised the company’s removal line, as results were visible in a matter of weeks. Customers were particularly pleased by the device’s pain level when compared to its efficacy; though some pain was experienced, most customers believed the pain was worth the drastic nature of the removal process.

Although the majority of users were pleased, some did express dissatisfaction with Tria’s product; namely, that the company’s policies were inconvenient (customers must activate lasers online before use). Apart from the inconvenience, some users found that the product did not work for their skin and hair types, and were unable to return the product. If this is a concern, be sure to test the device within the warranty and/or return timetable.

Tria Hair Removal Precision

Tria’s Precision model is designed for use on small areas, such as the face and bikini area. Despite this designation, many users do report some pain when using the device, as these areas are, in general, more sensitive. Though customers could attempt to use the device on larger areas, it would be extremely time-consuming and they would be better off purchasing the 4X. Like the 4X, the Precision is a cordless device, and must be charged before using. Users may expect a difference in hair growth in only two treatments, with grander results visible within 3 months.

A dermatologist-recommended product, Tria’s Precision model received high reviews from customers. Most users saw significant results after six weeks of consistent use. This particular model was most commonly used on the face and neck by women over the age of 40, attempting to stave off the onset of whiskers. For this purpose, the majority of users found the Precision an excellent tool.

Tria’s positive reviews heavily outweighed the negative. Of those that were negative, however, most were regarding the company’s policy of registering the product before use. Some users also experienced difficulty with the packaging, as many found indications that the packaging had been opened prior to being used. If this is the case, the company should be contacted directly for a full refund or exchange.

Which Should You Choose?

Each of these products is designed for different use, and should be regarded as two completely different machines. The first, Tria’s 4X, is intended to be used on large areas and should be used in accordance with that design. The second is a smaller handheld device, and should only be used on smaller areas, such as the face and bikini line. Failure to use either product properly can result in burning or will simply prove ineffective.

The Tria 4X is for potential customers seeking long-term hair removal of large areas, including

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Chest
  • And Back.

While the Precision is intended for smaller areas, such as

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Bikini Line
  • Fingers
  • And Toes.

When choosing a device, choose the one that best suits your hair removal needs; these two systems are immensely effective, but are not interchangeable.

Remington IPL6000 iLight Pro Plus Quartz

Remington’s Pro Plus Quartz is an at-home light-based machine designed to offer the highest potency and safety quotients available. This particular model possesses a bulb intended to offer customers a more long-lasting experience, and lasts twice as long as the traditional bulb—though it still must be replaced every few months, depending on use. After only 3 treatments, however, users can see the beginnings of significant hair reduction. The Quartz is also unique in its structure; as a corded machine, users are not required to stop, mid-treatment, to charge the device.

Users are, overall, pleased with this product. Remington’s system provides long-lasting hair removal, and most users see a 70% reduction in hair volume and growth in only 6 weeks. With continued use, the results are considered permanent by customers—pending basic touch-ups as needed. The shape of the handle and head make use simple and easy, allowing customers to reach difficult-to-reach spots including armpit hair and the bikini area. Some users experience occasional mild discomfort, much like a quick pinch, but long-term or long-lasting negative effects have not been reported.

It is important to note that the Quartz is an upgraded version of Remington’s Pro Plus. Consequently, the packaging is identical to the Pro Plus’ packaging, save a small insert detailing the system’s upgrades. Many users were confused by this, and feared they had been duped by the company. After calling customer service, however, customers reported their situations resolved and were on their way to using the hair removal device.

Silk’n BellaLite

Silk’n BellaLite is a budget-friendly removal device, coming in at around half the price of the Quartz. While the Quartz possesses 30,000 light pulses in each cartridge, the BellaLite comes equipped with 1 cartridge and 2 replacements, each equipped with 750 pulses. Each cartridge typically lasts through a single full-body treatment, versus the months-long use derived from the Quartz. Like the Quartz, however, the BellaLite is corded, and offers users results in a number of weeks. Users did not experience significant pain when using the system, even though some did report a small amount of burning and skin discoloration.

The most common areas for use are the face, underarms, and legs. A large portion of Silk’n customers reported satisfaction with the product, as many saw a 75-90% difference after only 3-6 months of use—though most performed once-monthly maintenance following the completion of Silk’n’s recommended procedure period. Many users were also pleased with the product’s price, as the system is frequently found on sale shelves and provides a budget-friendly laser hair removal option. Majority of users had positive experiences with the line, and expressed satisfaction regarding the breadth of hair removal.

Though the majority of users expressed satisfaction with the Silk’n device, some were not so fortunate. The most common complaint concerned the device’s efficacy; though many users saw positive results, there were also a significant portion that did not see the expected results, or saw severe results involving skin discoloration and burning. Because of this, it is vital that all prospective customers strictly adhere to the device instructions and warnings.

Remington IPL6000 iLight Pro

The iLight Pro is Remington’s lower-level model, offering a laser system for those on a stricter budget who still want the luxury of a Remington product. At half the price of the Quartz, the Pro offers visible permanent removal for up to six months, at which time another treatment must be performed. It differs somewhat from the Quartz, most notably in the duration of cartridges. While Quartz cartridges possess 30,000 light pulses, the Pro has only 1,500 pulses, making cartridge replacement a more frequent necessity. Finally, the Pro is a corded device, removing the need to stop treatments to recharge.

Remington’s Pro customers expressed a high degree of satisfaction, both with the device results, and with the company itself. Users experiencing difficulty were able to take their questions or concerns to the Remington Company and have them resolved quickly and efficiently. Additionally, users saw consistent results with the system, and typically experienced 6-month-long hair removal, which can then be extended by a few touch ups.

Again, although the vast majority of users were pleased with this product, some were disappointed and did not see results after consistent use. Many continued to use the product past the warranty, and were unable to return the product following their dissatisfaction. Others found that the product worked, but used the cartridge up entirely long before the product advertised. When using the product, customers should be careful to adhere to absolutely all instructions and safety guidelines.

And the Winner Is…

Both Remington models appear, here, to be the real winners. Each has extremely high reviews regarding not only the product’s efficacy, but also its packaging and the company itself. Though some users utilizing the Pro did not see the desired results, their skin was not adversely affected. Conversely, many Silk’n users not only failed to see results, but burned or discolored their skin in the process of using the machine. Readers able to splurge a little bit would do well to invest in the Quartz, as

  • Cartridges last far longer
  • The device delivers results for up to 12 months
  • Requires more up-front money, but requires less maintenance.

Individuals eager to try the permanent hair removal trend but unwilling to break the bank should consider Remington’s Pro model, as it provides similar service and results, on a slightly lower scale.

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