Is This An Effective System Or Not?

Aging is often difficult. In a society that reveres youth and often reviles aging, each new spot and wrinkle can feel like an unbearable imperfection. Countless hours and millions have been devoted to developing anti-aging serums and creams, some of them simple and straightforward, others with ingredients too long and complicated to name. Sifting through these products can feel like walking through a minefield. Below, one such product is discussed in detail, providing some relief from the stress of navigating anti-aging options alone.

Enter: Kollagen Intensiv

Kollagen Intensiv is a skincare line focusing on reducing existing symptoms of aging and preventing further development of aging symptoms. This is accomplished, purportedly, through natural and organic ingredients alone, including the cream’s five main agents:

  • Shea Butter
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Retinol
  • Green Tea and Cucumber Extracts

Shea butter is used to infuse the skin with moisture, creating a softer, light texture and eliminating dry spots and, consequently, brittle skin. Hyaluronic acid is a substance actually produced by the body, found in connective tissue. This acid is included in the serum to stimulate collagen production and moisturize skin. Vitamin C offers nutrients to aid in the delivery of oxygen to skin cells, resulting in a brighter complexion. Retinol (a form of vitamin A) and is used to repair damage one to skin via the sun and other environmental factors. This ingredient is responsible for plumping up lines and wrinkles through collagen production. Finally, the green tea and cucumber extracts function as antioxidants, brightening and even skin tone, as well as providing a firming, evening effect to the surface of skin.

These ingredients are unique, as Intensiv relies primarily upon ingredients found in nature, or developed to mimic natural ingredients, rather than relying entirely upon foreign chemical compounds. This makes Kollagen a likely choice for men and women wary of introducing potentially toxic chemicals to their epidermis.

Usage and Instruction

Kollagen’s serum may be used as a night cream, or can be used as a moisturizer both day and night. Due to the intensive nature of the product, only a small amount is needed to achieve results. The serum should be applied to clean, dry skin, following toner (if needed). Potential users should be aware that some of the product’s ingredients have been known to cause increased sun sensitivity, and should be used in conjunction with some form of sun protection.

The majority of users who see results suggest waiting 2-4 weeks to see drastic results, with most of the results coming from a decrease in the appearance of sun damage such as dark spots, lines, and discoloration.

Typical Customer Experience

Intensiv reviews are generally positive. Most users report a pleasant texture—neither greasy, nor heavy when applied. Most pleased users saw results within 2-4 weeks, with a heavy emphasis on dark circles and bags beneath the eyes, in addition to the reduction of sun spots and fine lines. These results came on the heels of consistent use 1-2 times per day, and when paired with a regular cleaning and sun protection routine. Men and women with sensitive skin were particularly excited about the serum, as most sensitive-skinned individuals use the product without rashes, redness, or irritation.

Although many customers express satisfaction, some users are less than pleased when ordering directly from the company. Like many free trial offers, Kollagen’s trial offer automatically signs potential customers up for a subscription of the cream that must be canceled if the user is not pleased. Some customers were unaware of this stipulation, and felt they were unjustly charged for further product. Other users experienced some irritation, and warn all new customers to do a small spot test on the wrist or neck to ensure that a reaction does not occur.

How Do I Purchase Kollagen Intensiv?

There are two ways to purchase the product: from Amazon, or from the company itself through a trial offer. The pros and cons of each should be considered, and are weighed below.

Amazon: Kollagen Intensiv from Amazon is backed by Amazon’s return policy, which is typically viewed as an excellent and forgiving program. On Amazon, customers can expect to find a 2 ounce jar for $60, and are not signed up for any sort of trial offer, guarantee, or subscription program. Prime users will be pleased to note that the product is eligible for two-day shipping, at an affordable price for the product itself.

Kollagen Intensiv: Ordering the product from the company itself may provide more benefits to some customers, as the company has a trial offer for new users. The trial offer provides users with a jar of the product for free, as long as the user agrees to pay $4.95 in shipping. It should be noted, however, that signing up for a trial offer will automatically enroll you in a subscription, coming in at approximately $100 for a two month supply. While this may be great for men and women who are pleased with the product, dissatisfied customers must cancel the subscription before the trial offer ends (30 days after the order date).

It comes to this: ordering directly from the company is beneficial for men and women interested in trying an anti-aging product, who are on top of their finances and bills enough to cancel their subscription, if necessary. Individuals with less of a grasp on dates and figures may want to consider the (still discounted) Amazon offer, as purchasing through Amazon does not have any obligations or strings attached.

Is the System Worth It?

Outside evaluations of Kollagen Intensiv suggest that the product’s ingredients are time-tested and have been shown effective in reversing and preventing many effects of aging. At a price point much lower than many high-end creams, Kollagen is frequently viewed as an affordable solution to aging woes, providing quality higher than drug store brands at a price only just above drug store grade products. Although it might not work for everyone, it does contain quality, anti-aging ingredients, and a trial offer is available for me and women leery of taking the plunge. All in all, this system seems to be from a trustworthy company, and delivers results.

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