Is This Hype Or Legit?

La Prairie is a skincare line originally developed in Switzerland. This particular company has long been involved in skincare, having been around (and producing high quality products) since 1978. La Prairie asserts that its formulas function as the proverbial fountain of youth, providing high-quality anti-aging skincare developed after more than 30 years of intense research and trials. La Prairie’s products seek to stop aging at the source, developing creams and serums targeting skin at a cellular level, and providing results not found anywhere else.

Skin Caviar Luxe

As its name suggests, La Prairie’s Caviar Luxe cream is designed to be almost decadent in its application, providing the greatest amount of hydration and firming available. The cream contains caviar extracts, and is intended to not only hydrate skin, but to also firm and nourish skin, creating an entirely new, smooth texture. Most customers see the best results using the product as a night cream, applying it to clean, dry skin just before going to bed. However, despite it being intended for use as a night cream, some men and women have found that it functions well as a daily moisturizer as well, if used sparingly.

By and large, customers rave about this product. Customer ages range from teenaged to elderly, and most see a change in the appearance of skin. While youthful customers typically see a boost in the brightness of their complexion and overall tone, they do not typically see a reduction in wrinkles, due to the almost nonexistent nature of wrinkles at a young age. Most older customers, however, attribute regular comments of, “You don’t look your age!” to La Prairie’s skincare, and consider this cream more than worth the investment required.

Although reviews are almost entirely positive, some users were displeased with the price of the product, as it ranges between $200 and $400. For someone seeking a quick, inexpensive fix, this cost can be quite prohibitive. Other users were pleased with the product’s results, but were overwhelmed by the product’s scent, making use difficult. This would likely only apply to individuals sensitive to smell.

Caviar Eye Complex

Like the cream mentioned above, the Eye Complex is intended to firm, nourish, and hydrate skin, with a greater focus on the eye area, rather than the face overall. To target eyes, this cream contains both firming agents and a brightening complex, making it an excellent eye cream for sagging, discoloration, and dryness. It is especially useful in targeting puffiness, and lends a more “awake” feeling to eyes. Like the cream above, the eye complex is most commonly used at night, but also provides an excellent means of reducing puffiness first thing in the morning. It can be applied to both bags under the eyes, and on eyelids themselves, pulling double time as a firmer and a base for eye shadow.

Like the all-over caviar cream, the Eye Complex rakes in high praise. Although not as many users see a significant reduction in crow’s feet and other eye-area wrinkles, the vast majority of users see a drastic reduction in puffiness and sagging, creating a brighter, more awake appearance on even the most haggard of days. Even users with sensitive skin typically found that the serum delivered on its promise to remove excess puffiness without burning or otherwise irritating skin, making it ideal for all ages and backgrounds.

Although there are few negative reviews, a small handful of customers did encounter a poor reaction with the cream, resulting in either a rash or small, blister-like bumps. Additionally, many users, despite loving the cream, were unwilling or unable to purchase the product continually due to the cost, and did not find the reduction in puffiness worth the amount required to put forward.

Anti Aging Day Cream

The Anti-Aging Day Cream is essentially a moisturizer, delivering rich hydration and firming in a serum much lighter than traditional night creams. While it offers the same hydrating and firming power, the Day Cream comes equipped with SPF 30, both fighting aging with its cellular-level anti-aging ingredients, and preventing further effects by protecting against sun damage. The cream should be applied to clean, dry skin, after toner has been applied and dried. As with all La Prairie products, a little goes a long way; the product does not need to be slathered on to see results.

Like most La Prairie products, reviews are largely positive. Most users see a significant reduction in dry patches, and believe skin appears brighter, firmer, and younger. Naturally, most users apply this cream in conjunction with a La Prairie night cream, and swear by the effectiveness of the pairing, citing it as the source of a youthful, vibrant visage. Men and women with dry skin were particularly impressed, as it typically eliminated seemingly chronic dry, itchy patches on the face and neck.

Although most users were positive, some users had the same complaints as the products mentioned above: a small handful had a poor reaction to the formula, while others were happy with the product itself, and unhappy with its price tag. At a price point of between $150 and $200, some men and women were unable to continue purchasing this for every day use.

La Prairie—Worth the Hype?

La Prarie’s reputation as a high-quality skincare line is well deserved: countless men and women swear by their products, attributing beautiful, youthful skin to the company’s skincare line entirely. While the hype is well-deserved, it is also well-known to the company itself: serums and creams can be as much as $300-$400, making every day use of this product an impossibility for many men on women living on limited or fixed incomes. Although this is an excellent line of products, and customers are overwhelmingly happy with their purchases, there are a few things to bear in mind before making a purchase. These include:

  • While these products are certainly effective, they are not for those seeking a cheap fix. Some men and women use La Prairie skincare in conjunction with less expensive products, rotating use every 2-3 days, and see results.
  • While La Prairie’s skincare does work, users must remain consistent in applying the product to see results. Applying the creams once per week will not be enough to deliver serious changes.

If you are able to make the investment, La Prairie’s line of anti-aging products certainly deliver what they promise, giving customers high-quality, effective skincare to ease and smooth the aging process.

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