Is This Product A Lifeline Or A Fad?

Who Is LifeCell?

LifeCell is a beauty company that has been in business for almost 30 years. Opening in 1986, LifeCell was the first to market its unique formula, which was blended to repair and regenerate tissue. This product, originally created as a companion to skin grafts for burn victims, is the source of LifeCell’s success, as it propelled LifeCell into the spotlight through its ability to perform as suggested, providing regeneration and renewal to thousands of men and women around the world.

What Ingredients Make LifeCell So Special?

Dermaxyl and Matrixyl 3000 are the ingredients that make LifeCell’s products both unique and effective.

Dermaxyl is a component used to mimic the effects of retinol, a type of vitamin A—a vitamin essential to overall health, as well as healthy skin. To mimic the effects of vitamin A, Dermaxyl prompts communication between cells, resulting in the reparation of skin damage due largely to age and sun exposure. While some have found that retinol and compounds like it cause irritation in significant doses or topical applications, dermaxyl provides the same results without the irritation and potential over-exposure.

Matrixyl 3000 is a peptide system devoted to stimulating the production of collagen, resulting in greater elasticity and youthfulness in skin. This particular ingredients is unique, in that it works to improve skin long-term, rather than providing short-term or temporary solutions. Research has demonstrated that Matrixyl is able to provide twice the amount of collagen needed to achieve lasting results, and is therefore extremely effective at its job.

Enough Background—Does It Work?

Customers’ Perspectives: Men and women who like the products provided by LifeCell most commonly praise the product for its ability to reduce and prevent wrinkles by filling, moistening, and smoothing skin. This is typically seen after six weeks, though many customers see changes even sooner. While most happy customers acknowledge the price can be prohibitive, these same customers either find that the results are worth the price, or shopping to find the same ingredients results in needing multiple products, at higher or similar prices each.

Most customers are aged 40 and older. As such, they are pleased to find a decrease in wrinkles, fine lines, and thinning skin. With consistent use (usually underneath standard moisturizer, and in conjunction with sun exposure precautions), numerous middle aged and older customers see noticeable results.

Customers who are not impressed with the system typically have the same issue: the company itself failed to adequately and properly explain the terms of the trial period, resulting in excessive charges. Many customers found that, despite the company promising a free trial, their accounts were charged the full list price, documented as a “hold” on the account.

Other customers were displeased due a simple lack of change. Some even found that their skin seemed to have aged slightly during the use period, resulting in greater lines and wrinkles, or additional sagging skin. There did not seem to be a significant rhyme or reason among these customers, aside from the trend of most of them being between 30 and 50.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does LifeCell work on the neck? LifeCell products are intended to be used on both the face and neck, and should function similarly when placed on both areas.
  • Does LifeCell contain retinol? Rather than containing retinol, LifeCell contains Dermaxyl, a retinol substitute. It functions much in the same way as retinol, but does not cause as many of the typical side effects.
  • How is LifeCell used? This product should be used twice per day, and is best applied beneath one’s daily moisturizer. The cream should not be slathered on, but should be applied enough to completely cover the surface of the skin, and should be massaged in thoroughly, rather than simply set on and left alone.
  • How long does it take to see results? This varies from user to user. Most see a difference in as little as 2-4 weeks, while others are unable to see significant results for 2-3 months. Whatever the case, LifeCell encourages users to apply serums consistently, twice per day, to see the best results possible.
  • Is there an age limit on use? While there is no advised age limit from the company itself, user reviews suggest that the product is best used by men and women aged 45 and above. Many customers found that using the product before this age either did not yield results, or had the opposite of the intended effect.
  • How long does a bottle/tube typically last? A tube typically lasts 60 days, if used conservatively as suggested. Some users have found that the tube lasts longer—however, these users report using the cream only once per day, or as sparingly as possible, which may hinder the intended effects of the cream.

Additional Information and Questions

This particular cream may be purchased from a variety of places. Purchasing directly from the company will usually result in an automatic sign-up for monthly deliveries of the product. Purchasing elsewhere, however, will generally allow potential customers to purchase a single tube to determine whether a repeat purchase is desired.

The primary function of LifeCell is anti-aging. If anti-aging cream is what you seek, this cream will likely be what you need. If you are seeking a moisturizer or other day/night cream, the anti-aging ingredients will most likely be unnecessary—though they should not do any harm.

 Verdict and Recommendation

Numerous men and women have found comfort in the anti-aging properties of LifeCell. Although there are many success stories, there are also many instances in which younger users do not see results, or see negative ones. For this reason, it is best for users to be over the age of 40-45, in order to avoid any harmful effects, and in order to properly reap the positive effects of the serum.

If an intensive routine is an acceptable routine, this product is likely to do well; in order to work properly, it should be applied twice per day, on clean dry skin—without exception. Although it may work without being used twice per day, the company cannot suggest or guarantee an effective result.

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