Why I am Mad About M.A.C.

It’s a mad MAC world, girls. You need high quality cosmetics to withstand the forces of 14-hour workdays, transcontinental flights, and the fiercest elements like dry air and sun. MAC (make-up, art, cosmetics-FYI) is your new go-to for beauty. I could write a novel about all their amazing products, but because you have a meeting to get to or a flight to catch, I’ve narrowed it down to a handful of “must-have” MACs.


To build a beautiful face you need a solid base. MAC Prep & Prime Colour Correction is how you start your day. It goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly and even though it has protective SPF, never feels heavy or greasy. Since it evens out skin tone and moisturizes it gets your skin ready to look amazing. I like the cream formula, but it’s also available as a loose powder and in a compact, which is perfect for your carry-on. There are different colors to choose from that can make any skin tone look great and neutralize redness or dark spots.

MAC cosmetics are internationally in high demand because they literally make a foundation for EVERY skin tone. I have very pale skin, so I go with the lighter shades of Studio Sculpt Foundation and concealers, but my friend from India can exactly match her skin tone with their products, too. This line also provides your skin with another layer of sun-protection, which you must do! Don’t take it from me, though. The Skin Care Foundation says: “Cosmetics can go a long way in protecting your face against UV damage.”



My eyes are my best feature and I play them up! Paint Pots are the most effective and easy way to create beautiful, sultry eyes that will get you noticed! They are creamy eye shadows with intense, rich colors that I use to create a very dramatic look with.

Here’s why you’ll love using MAC’s Longwear Paint Pots:

  • They come in a huge variety of intense, electrifying colors
  • You can create a very dramatic effect that looks like you had your face         made up by a Hollywood make-up artist
  • The color lasts and lasts, day into night and never creases
  • They’re versatile and contrast beautifully with liners and mascara

A word of warning: they take some getting used to when applying and it’s easy to make a mess of yourself. Here are a few tips from me to you when applying the color. Slightly dampen a good quality eye shadow brush. Dab it in the paint pot and smooth it on your eyelids. It goes on creamy but dries super fast, so spread it thinly and with a light touch. Do one eye at a time because if it dries clumpy, you have to totally remove it and start over. Practice the art of application at home when you have the time to fix mistakes the first couple of times you use it.

Once you get the hang of applying them you’ll be thrilled with the results. If I know I am going straight to dinner from the office I use a neutral shade like Perky on my eyelids with a light liner. Gel eyeliners look fantastic with the colors and since the shadow dries and sets quickly you can sweep the liner over it and it won’t smear. Before I hit the restaurant, I line my eyes with a dramatic color like Designer Purple and, tah-dah! I have gone from working girl to glamour girl.


Which leads me to my next favorite MAC eye cosmetic, the PearlGlide Intense Eyeliners. They are absolutely the best liners I have ever, ever, used. I have one crayon in Black Swan, which is my go-to for daytime. Everyone can wear Prussian or Petrol Blue, which make the whites of your eyes sparkle. Combine that with Fascinating, a white liner, and you will look amazing. I put a small amount of Fascinating in the corner of my eyes to make me look bright and alert every morning. To really play up my eyes I line the entire bottom eyelid with it. It rolls on evenly and stays put even if you get teary-eyed from the brutal wind that whips through my city in the fall.


No matter what your eye color, mood or event, MAC has an eye shadow that is perfect for you. You need their six-color palette for your gym bag, weekend bag, and everyday. You can choose shades that mix and match for a work seminar, then glam it up for a first date or night on the town. I like Fever for some seriously sultry bedroom eyes. With 40 shades to choose from you will have a hard time deciding which ones to fill your palette with.


Now, a moment of silence. My absolute favorite MAC lip product has been discontinued. Aaargh! The Viva Glam line often pairs with celebrities to create a unique collection and I was in love with the Gaga LipGlass. Inspired by the always edge Lady Gaga, it really made me feel sexy and a little bit dangerous every time I wore it…sigh…

My despair is short-lived because I have discovered the color, Rihanna (yes, after the super sexy R&B crooner)! It’s another celebrity inspired color in the Viva Glam LipGlass line. The perfect frost-blue red screams, “look at me!”  When I am not playing up my eyes, this is what I wear to draw attention to my kisser.



Here is something else to feel good about. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of the Viva Glam line goes to help men, women and children living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. You can read about it at MAC AIDS FUND


Finally, if you never buy anything else from MAC cosmetics, get my most essential, favorite product. I never leave home without a bottle of Fix & Skin Refresher Finishing Mist. It’s really a miracle in a bottle when it comes to beauty. The mist is moisturizing and has sun-protection! Use it in the morning to set your look, mid-day to refresh your face and keep up skin protection, then again at night to revive your make up. It smells so good, a combination of chamomile and cucumber, which perks up your senses and your skin. I swear it erases the signs of jet lag in an instant.

Flip through any fashion magazine and in the “Get The Look” section you are bound to fine MAC products listed every time. There are very good reasons Hollywood make-up artists and the world love these products. They are very high quality, long lasting, available for every skin tone, and every occasion. You can feel good about knowing that when you buy Viva Glam products you’re helping to make a real difference in the lives of those who are battling HIV and AIDS, too.

If you have a special occasion or just want a new look, go to a MAC cosmetic counter and flip through their “Look” book to see all the ways you can combine their products to create a beautiful, healthy face.

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