Is It Worth Your Investment Or Is It Simply Hype?

Meaningful Beauty is a skincare line attached to star Cindy Crawford, and produced by the same company that produces products such as Proactiv. The line was created to improve the overall appearance and texture of skin, including eliminating acne, brightening skin, and eliminating wrinkles. The most commonly purchased system is the introductory system, including four different creams and serums: a cleanser, antioxidant cream, crème serum, and brightening serum. Each cream should be used in conjunction with the others for the most powerful results.


cindy1-225x300What Does The System Include, Exactly?

As stated above, the system includes:

  • A skin-softening cleanser (taking care of texture)
  • An SPF antioxidant day cream (preventing fine lines and sun damage)
  • A crème de serum (to fight aging and moisturize skin)
  • A glowing serum (improving the appearance of skin over time)

Each of these creams is designed to work in conjunction with the other, preventing wrinkles, dark spots, and other damages through cleansing, moisturizing, and reducing sun exposure, in addition to eliminating acne and reducing the appearance of existing sun damage, through the use of cleansers and brightening ingredients.

What Makes This System Stand Out?

The simplest way this system stands out is through its celebrity endorsement: Cindy Crawford’s name attached to the product adds a big draw to many women whose goal is to achieve her infamous beauty. Apart from a celebrity endorsement, the system stands out because it covers all of its bases, including an area many don’t consider when fighting acne: moisturizing. Most acne reduction creams and serums contain acids and other extremely drying ingredients that, while they fight acne, result in dry or potentially inflamed skin.

This particular skincare line is ideal for men and women both, and may be used over a wide range of ages. The brightening serum is particularly useful for individuals who have had a significant amount of sun exposure or other skin care concerns, while the cleansers are excellent for minimizing unfortunate teenage acne outbreaks. At a price point around $50, the line is well-suited to the budget-minded, as the creams last at least 30 days with consistent use, if not more.

cindy2-300x180Do the Ingredients Contain Harmful Chemicals?

A significant portion of the system is made with extracts and other natural ingredients, allowing users to purchase the line without worrying about the potential ramifications of using toxic ingredients. While it does not qualify as organic or all-natural, the ingredients do largely steer clear of known (and suspected) carcinogens and toxins.

Although the presence of some artificial ingredients may be worrisome for some potential customers, it is worth noting that these ingredients are used alongside natural ones, effectively harnessing the power of both natural ingredients, and the latest in chemical engineering. This coupling results in a series of creams and serums delivering the best of two worlds.

How Do Actual Customers Feel About the Products?

Users are primarily pleased with the introductory system of the line. Although some users purchase the different creams and serums separately, the most popular method of purchase is the introductory system, using all of the products as a unit, rather than individual treatments.

The skin softening cleanser works well for most users, providing both an effective means of removing dirt and grime, and moisturizing and firming skin. Men and women with sensitive skin found this particularly helpful, as it is not excessively drying or abrasive. Most found it was effective in gently removing makeup, including eye makeup and mascara.

The SPF antioxidant cream works well as a sunscreen and moisturizer for the majority of users, and can be relied upon to prevent further wrinkles and spots. Some pleased users warned against using too much, as the container does not contain a large amount of cream. Despite this, most actual customers expressed satisfaction with this aspect of the product line.

The crème de serum is a second moisturizer, but does not focus on cleaning the way the moisturizing cleanser does. Instead, it places emphasis on fighting the aging process and moisturizing skin to avoid lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Most users see a noticeable difference in wrinkles, lines, and pore size, and find their skin well-moisturized and toned with consistent, steady use. Most users found the best results when using the serum morning and night.

The glowing serum is intended to bring out the “model” skin within, by encouraging cell growth and renewal. Many users found that the product did deliver a glow, of sorts, brightening and toning skin. The product was usually safe and effective for individuals with sensitive or allergy-prone skin. The serum is said to go on smooth and light, making it an excellent addition to most customers’ morning and evening routines.

cindy3-300x225What Are Some of the Downsides?

The most frequent complaint comes due to the product price: when items are purchased individually, they can add up quickly. To prevent this, however, purchasing the introductory kit is advised; it is $50 for four products, rather than $15-$20 for each individual product. Potential customers with rosacea may want to exercise caution as well; some existing customers found that the products caused occasional flare-ups in rosacea symptoms.

Some men and women with scent sensitivities do not favor the skincare system, as they found the smell overwhelming. While it was an issue certainly in the minority, it is worth noting that individuals prone to nasal sensitivities may experience some discomfort.

Verdict: Is the Line Worth It?

Given the primarily positive reviews and trusted origin, men and women seeking a complete skincare line would likely do well to give this system a try: it provides not only cleansers, but a comprehensive range of moisturizers and anti-aging serums, making it a great starting point for teenagers and young adults, to prevent aging signs, as well as an excellent continuation for individuals in their thirties, forties, and fifties. Due to its function as a complete range of skincare products, Meaningful Beauty is an excellent investment for anyone seeking improvement in their beauty or hygiene routine.

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