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My Cleansing Routine


Personally, I have been following a skincare routine for my face since I was a teenager. My Grandma swore blind that soap and water worked best but Mum said to take care of your skin and use things that have been specifically designed for the face. Thus, I cleanse twice daily, every single day to remove all the dirt and grime picked up from the atmosphere. This is mixture of car exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and other stale stuff that floats around lands in your pores, causing unsightly marks and dull looking, tired skin. I did use a hand held cleansing device years ago, which I found excellent for getting a brighter and fresher looking face. I also use face masks once a week.

Daily cleansing routines vary from a quick wash in the sink with a soap and flannel to full on rituals with loads of bottles and lotions. Here I am going to let you know what I have found out about skin care cleansing devices; what’s good and what’s not so good. There are so many out there to choose from and I have done the research for you. I have compared and reviewed and come up with summative overviews and conclusions on the different products available to you on the market and the particular benefits and uses of each.

You probably carry out your regular cleansing routines and you may or may not use a device to facilitate this. However, there is always room to add additional benefits in order to achieve more positive outcomes, so read on and see what you can do to improve your cleansing routine.

Introduction to the Mia 2

The Clarisonic Mia-2 is specifically designed to give the face a good cleanse. Perfect for those of us constantly on the go, it is portable and can be used in the car and even on a plane. It comes with a protective travel case and has a 2 year warranty. This device has 2 speeds and has separate buttons to control the speed and power. Therefore, you can just have a gentle cleanse or opt for the more intense one. Personally, I would use the number ‘1’ setting for a more delicate cleanse in the morning to remove dead skin cells and the number ‘2’ speed for a deeper cleanse in the evening. Its predecessor, the Mia 1, has 1 speed, 1 button and a 1 year warranty.

 Clarisonic Mia-2 Reviews

The majority of feedback on the Mia-2 is that it is much better than the Mia-1 because of the choice of speeds and therefore, at its best price the Mia-2 is worth the extra $30 more than the Mia-1. Customers have been commenting on the length of time it holds its charge. This is actually 20 minutes which is plenty long enough as you would only use it for a minute at a time. Customers have suggested that it could be better improved if it came with a charging stand for easier storage, rather than just the Universal charging lead.

In relation to ongoing use, people have fed back that their skin felt cleaner, fresher and tighter from the first use. Following the second use, it has been reported that pores were visibly smaller. However, some people have mentioned that they do not use the second high speed on the Mia-2 and should have bought the Mia-1.

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The Aria

ariapicThe Aria is a sleek, modern, 3 speed cleansing device. Aimed at today’s woman who carries out a more advanced skin care routine, this is a ‘must have’ piece of equipment. The extra speed level in comparison to the Mia-2 means that you can select a much more powerful cleansing option. This is absolutely fantastic for revitalising tired skin after a long week in the office or out and about in town.

All devices come with a Universal adaptor but the Aria has the added bonus of being USB enabled. The Aria has a 30 minute rechargeable battery life (an extra 10 minutes on the Mia-2). It also comes complete with a drying stand and a wall adaptor for ease of use and storage. To let you know that it will soon need charging, there is also a colour coded battery life indicator. Furthermore, it has a timer which is adjustable to 1 or 2 minutes. This device is clearly an advanced version of the Mia-2 as it is a more developed product and Clarisonic have listened to users’ suggestions on what they want.

Clarisonic Aria Reviews

Users have said that the additional features on the Aria are a real plus and worth the extra money. One feature mentioned several times is the battery life indicator, which users seem to really like. The Aria is said to ‘get you going’ in the morning and feels like having a spa treatment when you get home in the evening. Some people have reported difficulty in changing the heads as the technique seems to take a bit of getting used to.

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Clarisonic Plus

claripluspicThe Clarisonic Plus has 3 speeds, and also has a body mode setting which can be adjusted from normal to pulse. This new feature makes it the ultimate face and body cleansing device. The Plus comes with a Universal charging cradle and a body brush head. The rechargeable battery life is 30 minutes with the facial brush head and 20 minutes with the body brush head. With all of these extra features, it completely changes the outlook on it. You can now cleanse different body areas that need toning and firming or are prone to the dreaded cellulite and as a result, will have glowing, radiant and younger looking skin from head to toe.

Clarisonic Plus Reviews

Users of the Plus have reported that the body brush is an excellent feature of the device and as a result, skin is smoother and tighter. The body brush has even helped to tackle ingrown hairs from shaving legs. It is easy to use and gentle on the skin. Some people have been put off by the price but once they took the plunge, they have never looked back.

How to get your best price on the Plus

The Clarisonic Plus can be purchased for $225 from an authorized seller of Clarisonic. You can find the easy to use store locator at

Which Clarisonic is Best?


All of the devices come with a sample size Clarisonic facial cleanser which reviewers have agreed is the best one to use.  Personally, I believe that the Aria is the best facial cleansing brush for the following reasons:

1)    The 3 speeds would suit my lifestyle. I like the fact that I can use 1 speed in the morning to wake up and the 2nd speed at the end of the day. The 3rd speed would be used for a deeper cleanse – perhaps when I get time to treat myself on a day off work.

2)    The USB adaptor is a great touch as it means that it can be charged up almost anywhere.

3)    The drying stand is a great addition to the product because I would be worried about laying it down in case it picked up germs and bacteria from surfaces.

The Mia 2 would also be a good purchase if you feel that you don’t need the faster speed option or just wanted to use it a couple of times a week, rather than every day. For those of us that want the full body cleanse and have time to do so, then the Plus is the perfect touch and from the reviews I have read, it is the ultimate purchase with no regrets.

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